THE FIRST TEE youth program faqs

If my participant is new to The First Tee and golf, at which level should they start?

A: New participants with no golf experience ages 7 and up will start at our PLAYer level. Any new participant who is 4-6 will start at our Little Legends level.

If my participant is a golfer but new to The First Tee, at which level should they start?

A: Contact Berkley Jackson, Program Coordinator, at or 804.378.2188 to discuss.

Is experience necessary to participate?

A: No experience is necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know!

How do I register and pay for programs?

A: Visit the youth programs tab at the top of the website and select the facility and program you wish to enroll in. You will see a register button; once you click register, you will be directed to our registration portal and can complete registration and payment. All registrations and payment must be completed online prior to the start of class. We cannot accept payment at the facilities.

What is the cost for program classes?

A: The cost is $65 for a Little Legends 8 week program (45 minutes per week), $80 for a PLAYer or Par 8 week program (1 hour class per week + 1 hour practice) , and $120 for a Birdie, Eagle, or Ace 8 week program (1.5 hour class per week + 1 hour practice).

What is the cost for Summer Camps?

A: The cost is $100 for a Junior Camp (ages 4-6) 9:30-12:30 pm, $100 for a half day golf camp (ages 7+) 9:30-12:30 pm, and $175 for a full day golf camp (ages 9+) 9:30-3:30 pm.

Where do we meet for class?

A: In the program room (Tattersall) or the community room (Elson Redmond) unless otherwise specified.

How do we know if class or practice is cancelled for weather?

A: We will never cancel class due to weather, however if practice is cancelled, you will receive an email.

What should my participant wear to class?

A: Golf attire is preferred but not required. Please also make sure your participant is wearing athletic footwear.

Does my participant need golf clubs?

A: If your participant has their own clubs, we encourage them to bring them to class. For those who do not have clubs, we will provide any necessary equipment.

If my participant cannot attend a class, can they attend a different class during the week as a make-up?

A: Yes, but contact Berkley Jackson, Program Coordinator, at to let her know which make up class you will be attending.

How does my participant progress through the program?

A: Once your participant meets the minimum age requirement and certifies at their respective level, they can move up to the next level. If you feel you child is ready to move up but has not met the age requirement, contact Berkley Jackson, Program Coordinator, at or 804.378.2188.

As a parent or guardian, what should I expect or do during class?

A: Parents are welcome to stay and observe, but it is not a requirement. We ask that parents who are observing do not enter the class room and stick to a “cart path only” rule unless there is an emergency.

Are parents or guardians allowed to participate in class?

A: While we welcome you to stay and observe the class, we ask that parents and guardians refrain from participating in the class. Should you be interested in volunteering, please visit our website,, and complete a volunteer application.

For any additional questions contact:  Berkley Jackson, Program Coordinator – or 804.378.2188